Next AgileKC Meeting

The next meeting of AgileKC will take place on Friday December 5, 2014  -- 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM at:

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64198




Registration: This will be a sponsored supported event.  In order to help our sponsor plan accordingly and know how many guests to expect, please register for this meeting at Eventbrite



Meeting Topic:  

Tactics for merging an Agile process in a waterfall business environment

Meeting Learning:  

The introduction and incorporation of Agile practices in an organization that has been utilizing waterfall practices, can often lead to a variety of challenges.  This session will help call out some of the challenges that members of the group have experienced and also how they were addressed

Meeting Description:  

The benefits of agile development are widely documented and have been witnessed in seemingly every market sector and organization size, from startups to Fortune 50.  Faster time to market, maximized value delivery, better alignment, and happier people are only a few of the noted outcomes of a well-functioning agile process.

However, as just about everyone that has been through an agile transformation can attest, the benefits don’t come without some cost and effort.  The shift to focusing on self-directed teams is often at odds with a system that has been built to manage specific roles in independent silos.  The necessary daily collaboration between business and IT is another challenge that has to be addressed.  There are countless others.

Join us at the Federal Reserve to hear some experience reports and best practices about utilizing and Agile approach in a waterfall business environment, share your thoughts and experiences with the group, and do some brainstorming on how you might further the journey in your organization.


Speaker's Bios:

Scott Robinson is an Agile Coach and Change Agent with Silicon Prairie Solutions.  Scott has extensive experience working with large and small organizations; helping them introduce Agile|Lean practices and evolve their culture. 

Paul Carter is an Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer for Commerce Bank.  Paul is an Agile enthusiast with a passion for transforming  teams and growing agility within the enterprise.  He teaches the following workshops:  Agile Scrum Boot Camp, Product Visioning and Story Mapping.  He has had over 400 attendees through these courses.  He is married with 6 children (a nice size scrum team with a 9 month old impediment) and enjoys roller coasters and water parks.

Steve Toalson is an Agile Coach at Hallmark Cards.  Involved in their first experimental Agile project, Steve has fully embraced the agile principles and continues to spread the good word of Agile at Hallmark.   Steve has worked with several different teams on their Agile journey and is also one of two Hallmark Agile Trainers.

Tami Flowers is a Senior Project Manager at the Sunflower Group. She has held a variety of technical roles including developer, project manager and enterprise architect. She is a PMP, Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and Certified Scrum Master. After a particularly painful 4-year long, multi-million dollar project with multiple restarts, Tami helped transition the organization from Waterfall to Agile and in doing so was an Agile coach, active participant, and Scrum Master. She believes Agile practices, kept lightweight and tailored for the organization, can help deliver quality technical solutions that provide customer value.


Hope to see you there!

If your organization would like to sponsor a meeting, please contact Martin Olson and and let him know. The Agile KC group is made up of a variety of participants from through the meto-KC area. Our members range from developers to QA to consultants to executives.  By sponsoring a meeting, you will be able to direct your message to the group at large and participate in the collaboration that makes Agile KC so successful.


* 8:30 Networking

* 9:00-10:00 Presentation

* 10:00-10:30 Open forum.

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AgileKC is located in the Kansas City area and conducts meetings to  discuss ideas and best practices for agile software methodologies and techniques.

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Agile Software Development
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